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EMC Signs can be YOUR MOST POWERFUL MARKETING/ADVERTISING TOOL! EMC signs are the best way to communicate your message to your audience. Think of your digital sign as your very own advertising screen to represent your business and sell your products. With the right traffic, owning your own advertising screen will cost you pennies on the dollar vs paying to advertise elsewhere. For the cost of your monthly advertising budget, you can own your very own advertising screen, change the message whenever you want, be the sole advertiser, run it 24/7, schedule time/day/date-specific ads, and much more. Several of our customers have boasted a trackable ROI within as little as 6-12 months.

Best defined as an Advertising Screen. This is a sign that is capable of displaying words, symbols, images, animations and videos that can be electronically changed by remote or automatic means. Commonly referred to as: EMC (Electronic Message Center), LED Sign, Programmable Message Center, Digital Sign, LED Sign, Digital Advertising Display, LED Display, to name a few. Most common is an EMC.

Freestanding signs, monument signs, building signs, parking lots, drive-thru’s, public transit stations, airports, arenas, sports complex, auditoriums, gymnasiums, lobbies, on vehicles, on boats, in your storefront window and more.

Advertising, directions, public address, information. Advertise your business or use them to sell advertising to other businesses. Mall and plaza owners commonly purchase and rent space to their tenants.

up to 7 years.

Our EMC signs are brighter (up to 15,000 NITS), have more consistent colors, have better waterproofing, are 50% better efficiency / draw 50% less energy, are the easiest on the market to control and update and are the most value for your pocket.

Product Line

Watchfire is a USA-based sign manufacturer and our preferred product due to it’s ultimate reliability, clarity and best service in the industry.  Watchfire LED Signs are the staple in high quality digital signage. If highest quality and longevity are your needs, Watchfire is the closest to perfection you will find.

CapeLED is our house brand that is built specifically for Florida (ultra-weatherproof to combat the harsh elements of high humidity and heavy rain. Ultra-high brightness (up to 15,000 NITS) to combat the brightest sun rays in the USA.

Product Notes: the price of EMC signs varies immensely and there is great reasoning for this. There is no such thing as an inexpensive EMC sign, however, the vast majority are cheaply made and performance struggles in harsh environments, such as Florida. Most EMC sign specs ‘look’ the same on paper, however, it is the true and real life functionality that really matters. For instance, in FL virtually all EMC signs will show some sort of aging in their pixel quality after 2-3 years. In our experience, Watchfire signs are the only we have witnessed with the ability to show full pixel uniformity after 5, 7 or even 10 years in the field. This is why we have come to rely on this brand as the only one that is truly built for FL. For further reference, the pixel pitch is purely a pixel density, which is not to be confused with screen quality. A lower pixel density with a high quality brand will be far superior than a higher pixel density with a less expensive brand. For this, a Watchfire 16mm will be far superior over time versus virtually all other brand’s 10mm, 8mm or 6mm. This is because virtually all other brands pixels will begin to fail and fade much quicker. 

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