Mobile LED Billboards

In-Traffic™ LED mobile billboards are just a fraction of the cost of traditional roadside LED billboards, and can have several advantages over them while being just as lucrative.

In-Traffic™ Mobile LED Advertising Billboards are the waive of the future in advertising, and now more cost-efficient than ever to start your own advertising route. Start an advertising route in your city, or add this to your existing advertising business. We provide mobile LED billboards in Cape Coral, FL, the box, the generator and the support, you choose your truck! Our box is easily mounted on the back of any truck fit to carry a box. Even some van bodies.

Mobile advertising offers a cost-effective advertising solution for small, medium, and large businesses (your target customers). Due to the 3 billboards and advantage of the digital ‘ad-sharing’ concept, you can offer advertising rates at a fraction of the price of standard billboard advertising to your clients, while reaching the same audience; in fact, In-Traffic™ mobile LED billboards have higher visibility than a roadside billboard since they are seated directly ‘In-Traffic™,’ giving you an even further competitive edge over roadside billboards. Any business operating in your city is a potential client.

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You choose the LED Billboard Truck sizes custom to your specs. We build the full box for your truck, including a generator, and everything you need to operate. All you supply is the truck.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile LED Billboard trucks can go anywhere with all the communication, offer new channel for Out of Home Advertising and Marketing campaigns as well.
Mobile LED Billboards advertising uses the electronic screens to present the advertising with a clear message and branding on the routes with high number of targeted audience.
The billboards are made up of Light Emitting Diode (LEDs). These diodes resemble lights and aligned on a grid.
The Mobile LED Billboards are more noticeable and unique in communications. They have higher recall rates among the other modes of advertising and are more flexible and appealing than that of the conventional billboards.