OWN YOUR OWN DIGITAL ADVERTISING SCREEN. This fully customizable and programmable signage is the best way to communicate with your audience. Why pay to advertise across town when you can advertise in your own front yard for a fraction of the price?! Full color, weatherproof.

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Indoor / Outdoor


Why We Are Better

CapeLED™ digital signs are brighter, draw 50% less energy, are far easier to run, use less moving parts, are built to withstand harsh climates and are less expensive.

EMC LED Monument Sign

Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor LED signs/displays are much brighter than our indoor line since you need to compete with sunlight. Our outdoor LED sign line is weatherproof to withstand high winds, high humidity, rain, sleet and snow. Available in all sizes, from small to large billboards. Outdoor LED’s can be as bright as 12000+ NITS, withstand>95% humidity and have a lifespan of > 100,000 hours (that’s over 20 years if running 16 hours/day). Warrantied upto 5 years.

EMC Digital Sign Specs

  • 100,000+ hour rating per LED (that’s well over a decade of round the clock use)
  • High Efficiency: our signs run on >50% less energy than the competition
  • Ultra high brightness: Up to 12,000 NITS
  • Unlimited advertising space
  • Displays: text, JPG, PNG, AVI, MPG, GIF, more…
  • Free software & training
  • Single color monochrome available
  • Smart brightness sensor – automatically adjusts with day, night and overcast skies
  • 110vAC / 220vAC / DC options
  • Wireless ad updating: available
  • Temperature/humidity sensor: available
  • Full color: 280 trillion colors
  • Ads updated by a computer or cloud

Indoor LED Displays

Indoor LED Signs/Displays, Billboards and Digital Message Centers are often used for advertising your business or used to advertise other businesses for your advertising route. Indoor LED displays offer a higher quality picture at a lower price than an outdoor LED displays. The biggest difference between Indoor versus Outdoor LED displays are that Indoor LED displays come in higher graphic quality since they are viewed at closer range, they are not weatherproof and they do not have to be as bright, since you are not competing with sunlight. Our Indoor displays play text, pictures, movies, graphics, animations and more. Our indoor LED signs are also great for Restaurant Digital Menu Boards as well.

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