Aluminum Composite Sign. Non-lit

Economy Signage

There are a number of inexpensive substrates available to save cost. Cost-saving note: signs that are 4′ x 8′ or smaller tend to be more economical since most substrates come pre-cut to this size. Need a larger sign? No problem here. We can piece together 2 or more panels to create larger signs of nearly any size.

Choose your substrate (below) and then choose your printing method.


ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel)

The most economical longterm sign substrate available. Comes in 1/8″ and 1/4″ thickness. It consists of two pieces of aluminum veneer and stiffened by a composite material inside.


The next grade of substrates. Semi-longterm.


Corrugated plastic with ridges. Popular for short term signage.


Typically printed direct. Good for short term outdoor projects or longterm indoor projects.

Printing Options

  1. Digital print: 5-10 year rating when protected by UV overlaminate
  2. Cut vinyl: 1-12 year rating, depending on quality of material
  3. Direct print: printed directly to substrate. +/- 1 year rating.